Jack Jones

Jack Jones admits he’s all smiles whenever he hears someone say serving the hearing aid community is in his blood. “Yes, that’s definitely true,” he nods. “It’s a family legacy. My lifetime passion.” With his parents and grandparents dedicating their lives to the hearing aid industry before him, he has seen first-hand since a young boy the lives impacted when hearing problems are addressed and solved.

From talks around the dinner table, to continuous time with family immersed in helping those with hearing loss, to his teenage years and beyond working in different facets of the industry, Jack says he understands the various angles of the industry well.

This unique insight helps feed his passion today as he works continuously to improve the SoundWorks organization, to lead a remarkable team of dedicated a hearing aid professionals. In a world changing in unprecedented ways, he strives to cast a vision for the future, he shares, “that leads to ongoing improvements in helping those with hearing loss while never losing sight of what makes us who we are.” Maintaining the family atmosphere, the relationships built with clients, the expert care provided, are all very important “as we look to the future with needed adaptations in a fast-moving world” he shares. “I want to continually ask how can we serve the hearing impaired community in the best possible way and provide the tools and resources necessary to make that happen?”

Jack was born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, earned a B.S. in communication sciences and disorders from UT Austin, and is licensed by the state of Texas as a hearing aid fitter and dispenser. He resides in  Fort Worth, Texas with his partner, Chris Applegate, and  loves adventure travel, cars, and good food in his free time. 

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At sound works the staff are very friendly and professional. Kevin makes sure that his patience are taken care of and that they are satisfied when then leave. If they have any question about about their hearing aids Kevin will answer them to the best of his ability. I have...

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Dortha Samuel, on Google

The vist was very professional, the staff is friendly and prompt with my request. There was no wait time and complete care was taken when updating my hearing aids. Highly recommended

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Steve Krone, on Google

Tuesday was my very first time ever to evaluate my hearing. Mr. Hight was very professional. I felt very comfortable as he explained everything in detail. I am 100 percent satisfied with their services and will recommend them to everyone who has need.

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becky hudson, on Google

This was a great place to go to get your ears tested. All the equipment is state of the art and so are the hearing aids. I love the people that work there, friendly and helpful.

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Teena Simonson, on Google

I went to Sound Works today because my hearing aid broke on me. Calvin the hearing aid professional had it fixed for me in about five minutes. I was very impressed about the very quick time it took. I really like Sound Works and the associates that work for them.

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Edith Kenney, on Google

Got in and out with no problems and Amber Gray did a good job of explaining everything to me, I would recommend them if you have hearing problems.

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Horace Davis, on Google

I called for an appointment and was able to get in quickly. I was greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome at the place of business. The staff was knowledgeable and able to meet my needs. Thanks a bunch!!

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Joshua Senn, on Google

Amber was awesome and gave great advice. Knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I'd definitely recommend this place and her for your hearing needs.

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Starr Haffner, on Google

I am very satisfied with sound works. Amber is a great asset to the company. She answers all my question and concerns that I might have. Sincerely Tina Belden

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Tina Belden, on Google

Soundworks was very Professional and the office staff was very polite and there wasn't any waiting time. The personal that were testing your ears were Very Professional after all the tests were done then they went over them with you & your family. I would greatly recommend Soundworks to all...

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Fred Verhine, on Google

Sound works audiologist April was excellent in explaining about my hearing loss, answering all my questions, and showing and discussing all the types of hearing aids available.

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Richie Cowan, on Google