Kevin Hight, Licensed, Hearing Healthcare Specialist

Kevin Hight

Kevin is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in the state of Texas. He was raised in East Texas, and currently resides in Lufkin with his wife Tonya and their animals. Having hearing loss himself, Kevin has an intimate and personal knowledge of hearing instruments and how their features impact and improve his patient’s hearing. Kevin understands the issues individuals face due to hearing loss, and the immense quality of life that proper hearing help provides. He strongly believes that hearing loss not only impairs the individual’s quality of life but through its insidious nature effects the individual’s entire circle of family and friends. Learning how to help the individual receive the most benefit from the hearing aids requires a team effort for the individual to be most successful. He encourages family members to attend appointments with their loved one in order to accurately address the issue of the individual’s hearing loss and how it effects their significant relationships. During his years as a Hearing Healthcare Specialist he has seen joy brought back to many individuals and families through proper hearing aid amplification and counseling.

 Kevin believes that continuing his education allows him to bring a higher quality of care to his patients. As a matter of practice, Kevin continues to not only rely on his own experiences, but also garners experience from many Industry Professionals that enable him to provide the best quality practice for his patients

 In his leisure-time, Kevin enjoys church, cooking on his smoker, and spending time with his wife enjoying their home and property.